Oldenburger Gouda 48% fat i.d.m., slices, 1kg

1000 g

Oldenburger Gouda is a high quality, gentle tasting cheese. In slices it is especially suitable for eating on bread. Thanks to its mild flavour it is furthermore ideally suitable as a garnish on salad or as a pure and delicious snack for in between. Cheese should be eaten at room temperature to allow its full flavour to unfurl. Therefore it is advisable to remove it from the refrigerator in time.

What's inside

nutrion advice

Amount per 100g:

  • 1485/358
  • 29.0
  • 20.0
  • <0.1
  • <0.1
  • 23.0
  • 1.80
  • for professionals
  • no added preservatives no added colourings no added flavourings

Pasteurised cow┬┤s milk, salt, starter cultures, microbial rennet.

Allergy advice


  • gluten-free

Nutrition Advice


    • lacto-vegetarian

Recipe Tip

German Breakfast

Enjoy a different breakfast like German families do.