Our farmers care

The favourable conditions of northern Germany, high technological standards and the decades of experience of our farmers make a huge contribution to the quality of our Oldenburger products. Here you’ll see what our farmers do to look after their cows and their farms well.

Discover the home of Oldenburger

Oldenburger has its roots in northern Germany, in a landscape with endless green meadows. This green countryside also holds our dairy farms, where modern technology is used to produce the fresh milk for our products.

Our milk: by families for families

For many Oldenburger farmers, milk production is a family affair: everyone on the farm plays a part. Our farmers are proud of the fact that many other families all over the world enjoy delicious, healthy Oldenburger products made from their milk.

High-tech for high quality

Do you know what a milk room is? Our video will show you. You'll see for yourself how our farmers ensure high quality – both when milking the cows and when storing the fresh, raw milk - thanks to decades of experience and modern technology.


Intuition and experience

Working with animals demands enormous intuition and a wealth of experience. You have to be able to see whether the cows feel good and know the suitable way to handle them. Many of our farmers learn all these things from childhood.



The "fitness app" for cows

An app on our smartphones tells us how many steps we take each day. But how much exercise does a cow get? Our farmers can see that on their smartphones as well. They can tell at all times whether every individual animal is fit and healthy. How does it work? Just watch the video.


The feel-good factor in the cowshed

Did you know that cows love a massage, and that they retreat into their cool cowshed to avoid the summer heat? Naturally, our farmers do know. They take a lot of different measures to ensure that the animals feel good in every way. Because cows have to feel good to give plenty of good milk.

A question of nutrients

Milk, yoghurt and cheese contain valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins that are important for our bodies. Cows need the right nutrients to stay fit as well. That's why their feed plays an important role. But how does the farmer know that each cow always gets the right amount of nutrients? You'll find the answer in the video.