Oldenburger products bring taste and highest quality to your kitchen. Find here a variety of recipes for various occasions in which Oldenburger products give the special touch.

Spicy eggplant and minced meat casserole

Stuffed chicken breast with creamy green pepper sauce

Cucumber salad with roasted rack of lamb

Flavoursome potato and onion tarte

Fluffy date mousse with orange salad

Sweet banana hotdog

Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry buttercream

Fried pak choi with teriyaki sauce, chili cashew nuts and lime yoghurt dip

Roasted potato soup with cream

Creamy one pot pasta

Sweet date almond tarte

Banana Peanut Butter Nicecream


Provide your guests with an exquisite fruity cream-tart.

Maamoul: Arabic date biscuits

Treat yourself to a delicious oriental dessert.

German Breakfast

Enjoy a different breakfast like German families do.

Fluffy Apple Pancakes

Special treat for family breakfasts at the weekend

French Toast

Enjoy a sweet but lasting breakfast with delicious french toast.

Sweet rice with ginger

A classic sweet treat with a special hint of ginger and coconut.

Banana milkshake

The shake is a delicious mixture of fresh banana and creamy milk.

Pasta with creamsauce and scampi

The creamy sauce is the light topping for a summer dish.

Meatballs in creamy pepper sauce

Start your meal with a creamy savoury snack.

Chicken Curry with Vegetables

Experience a creamy culinary delight.

Fried Riceballs

Enjoy a hot cheesy snack to share with a delicious combination of rice and melted cheese.

Cheese Platter

A variety of cheeses provides a delicious snack as well as a savoury dessert.

Mozzarella pizza

The real pizza taste with tasty Oldenburger Mozzarella for you and your guests.

Frozen fruit yogurt

Enjoy a fruity refreshment with Oldenburger frozen yogurt + milk.

Cinnamon Buns

A perfect dish for a Sunday brunch.