Oldenburger Deluxe Coffee Cream 10% fat, UHT, 7,5g

7,5 g

Oldenburger Deluxe Coffee Cream is the creamy refinement for your hot drink and gives it a smooth taste. Oldenburger Deluxe Coffee Cream is packed in the “Dairy Drop” which fits perfectly to the gentle curve of every cup. Enjoy the easy handling when pouring the Coffee Cream in your hot beverage.

What's inside

nutrion advice

Amount per 100g:

  • 491/118
  • 10,0
  • 6,9
  • 4,0
  • 4,0
  • 3,1
  • 0,08
  • no added preservatives no added colourings no added flavourings


Allergy advice

contains lactose & milk protein, gluten-free

  • contains lactose & milk protein
  • gluten-free

Nutrition Advice


    • lacto-vegetarian