Oldenburger Deluxe High Calcium Milk, 3,6%, 190ml

190 ml

Oldenburger Deluxe High Calcium Milk is made from fresh German cow‘s milk with advanced production technology to bring you the high-quality milk with the amazing benefit of high calcium content filled in a premium glass bottle. This premium glass bottle not only brings you the taste of childhood happiness, but also the great opportunity to strengthen your bones and teeth with the milk high in calcium!

What's inside

nutrion advice

Amount per 100g:

  • 274/66
  • 3,6
  • 2,3
  • 4,9
  • 4,9
  • 3,4
  • 180
  • no added preservatives no added colourings no added flavourings

Full cream milk, calcium citrate, stabilizer carrageenan (E407)

Allergy advice

contains lactose & milk protein, gluten-free

  • contains lactose & milk protein
  • gluten-free

Nutrition Advice


    • lacto-vegetarian