Fluffy date mousse with orange salad


1 Halve the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the grains with a knife. Chop dates and heat in a pot with vanilla grains, vanilla pod and 200 ml of milk. Put pot aside and let rest for about 20 minutes.

2 In the meantime, beat Shani whipping cream until stiff. Prepare gelatin with the remaining milk according to package instructions. Remove vanilla pod from the date-milk mixture. Then puree the mixture.

3 Mix the gelatin mixture and the date puree in a bowl. Carefully fold in the whipping cream and keep covered for about 1 hour.

4 Meanwhile, wash the mint for the salad, shake dry and pluck the leaves. Rinse the oranges through hot water and pat dry. Peel one orange and cut the peel into thin strips. Peel both oranges completely so that the white skin is removed. Use a knife to cut between the membranes to segment the orange and release the fillets and squeeze the remaining juice out of the core. Cut the dates into fine rings and mix with orange fillets, orange peel strips, honey, mint and orange juice. Arrange mousse with orange salad.

Tip: Dip a spoon in warm water before scooping out the mousse to form the perfect mousse egg-shape.

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