Cheese Platter

A variety of cheeses provides a delicious snack as well as a savoury dessert.

Cheese Platter


Cheese eaten with fresh fruit or crackers has been a tradition in Germany for many decades. A colourful cheese platter is suitable for many different occasions – brunch, party buffets, the culmination of a meal of several courses or as a snack at a social gathering with friends. A cheese platter requires pieces of cheese, for example Oldenburger Gouda, Maasdam and Tilsit. The cheese is cut into small cubes. Add to this tasty fruits such as figs, physalis, grapes and pineapples. Oldenburger cheese also tastes great when eaten with small cocktail tomatoes. Mozzarella is particularly good for this. Simply place cheese cubes, tomatoes and basil leaves one after the other on a satay skewer.

Preparation time: ready in a few minutes

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