Oldenburger Butter salted, 250g

250 g
8 g

Butter is an allround-talent as the basis of many dishes as well as intensifier for delicious flavours. Oldenburger butter salted is perfect for frying or simply as a spread. The slightly salted version is ideal for rather savoury dishes.

What's inside

nutrion advice

Amount per 100g:

  • 3024/735
  • 81.0
  • 55.9
  • 1.0
  • 1.0
  • 0.6
  • 1.00
  • no additives

cream (UHT), starter cultures (salt)

Allergy advice

naturally gluten-free, contains lactose & milk protein

  • naturally gluten-free
  • contains lactose & milk protein

Nutrition Advice

lacto-vegetarian, halal

    • lacto-vegetarian
    • halal

Recipe Tip

German Breakfast

Enjoy a different breakfast like German families do.